Hero Cycles Founder's Day

Celebrating founder's day at Hero cycles , Ludhiana .A Tribute to Sh. O.P.Munjal by the employees on 26th Aug 2023

Lalit Nayyar

5/22/20243 min read

On August 26, 2023, Hero Cycles celebrated the Founder’s Day in honor of Sh. O.P. Munjal at the GT Road, Ludhiana headquarters. The event was a heartfelt tribute to the legendary founder, marking another year of his remarkable legacy in the cycling industry. Employees and management staff gathered in large numbers to pay their respects and reflect on his teachings and contributions.

The day began with a solemn and reverent atmosphere, as employees assembled in the spacious courtyard of the Hero Cycles premises. A beautifully decorated stage featured a large portrait of Sh. O.P. Munjal, adorned with flowers and garlands, serving as a focal point for the celebrations. The air was filled with a sense of pride and nostalgia, as everyone prepared to honor the man who had laid the foundation for their success.

The event commenced with a formal welcome address by the company’s CEO, who highlighted Sh. O.P. Munjal’s vision and the values he instilled in the company. His words echoed the sentiments of many who had worked closely with the founder, emphasizing the humility, hard work, and integrity that defined Sh. O.P. Munjal’s leadership. The CEO shared anecdotes and personal stories, painting a vivid picture of the founder’s character and his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Following the welcome address, a series of speeches were delivered by long-time employees and senior management. Each speaker recounted their experiences with Sh. O.P. Munjal, reflecting on the impact he had on their professional and personal lives. They spoke of his unwavering commitment to quality, his innovative spirit, and his deep concern for employee welfare. The stories were not just about his business acumen, but also about his humanity and the personal connections he fostered with his employees.

A highlight of the event was the unveiling of a commemorative plaque dedicated to Sh. O.P. Munjal. The plaque, inscribed with his guiding principles and a brief biography, was installed in the company’s main lobby. This permanent tribute serves as a daily reminder to employees of the founder’s enduring influence and the standards he set for the company. The unveiling ceremony was accompanied by a moment of silence, allowing everyone to reflect on the legacy of Sh. O.P. Munjal.

The celebration also included a multimedia presentation showcasing the history of Hero Cycles, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a global leader in the cycling industry. The presentation highlighted key milestones and achievements, underscoring the visionary leadership of Sh. O.P. Munjal. Employees watched with a sense of pride, recognizing their role in carrying forward his vision.

In keeping with Sh. O.P. Munjal’s philanthropic spirit, the company announced several community initiatives as part of the Founder’s Day celebrations. These included educational scholarships for underprivileged children, health camps, and environmental sustainability projects. These initiatives reflect the values that Sh. O.P. Munjal championed and demonstrate the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

The event concluded with a cultural program featuring performances by employees, celebrating the diverse talents within the company. Songs, dances, and skits dedicated to Sh. O.P. Munjal added a festive touch to the day, bringing together everyone in a spirit of unity and celebration. The day ended on a high note with a communal meal, allowing employees to bond and share their thoughts on the day’s events.

The Founder’s Day celebration at Hero Cycles was a fitting tribute to Sh. O.P. Munjal. It was a day of reflection, pride, and renewed commitment to the values and vision he set forth. As employees left the venue, they carried with them a deeper appreciation for the founder’s legacy and a renewed sense of purpose to uphold the standards he established.