Illusion art of Absent Matter

The illusion mandap installation inspired from western designer Edoardo Tresoldi has been created first time ever in India

Lallit Nayyar

4/10/20231 min read

a wedding ceremony with a circular structure with flowers
a wedding ceremony with a circular structure with flowers

Lalit Nayyar, a visionary Indian wedding designer, has brought the allure of Western artist Edoardo Tresoldi's absent matter concept to life with a captivating illusion art installation. Using intricate iron mesh, Nayyar has crafted a breathtaking mandap, an enchanting bar setup, and an awe-inspiring entrance arch for weddings.

Inspired by Tresoldi's mastery of blending transparency and solid forms, Nayyar's creation mesmerizes guests as they enter a world where boundaries between the physical and ethereal blur. The delicate meshwork creates an illusionary effect, playing with light and space to create a magical ambiance. Nayyar's collaboration with Tresoldi exemplifies the fusion of artistic expressions, resulting in an unforgettable sensory experience