Arshiya and Gautam


The Mehendi event decor at Gautam and Arshiya’s Punjabi Mela-themed ceremony was a dazzling display of innovation, thanks to the infusion of AI-inspired designs by Lalit Nayyar from GMS Event Planners. Drawing from the rich tradition of Punjabi culture and the vibrancy of a Mela, the decor was transformed into a spectacle of color, energy, and modern flair. Using AI technology, Lalit Nayyar crafted extraordinary designs that seamlessly blended traditional motifs with contemporary aesthetics, creating an ambiance that left every guest in awe. From intricate patterns adorning the walls to mesmerising light installations inspired by AI-generated designs, every element of the decor spoke volumes about creativity and sophistication.Set against the backdrop of the luxurious Nirvana resort, the Mehendi ceremony became an unforgettable experience, where guests not only celebrated love but also marvelled at the fusion of tradition and technology brought to life by Lalit Nayyar’s visionary design sensibility.

Gautam and Arshi’s haldi ceremony at Nirvana Luxury Resort, immersed in Lalit Nayyar’s sunflower theme, was a burst of joy and warmth. Amidst sunflower arches and vibrant decor, turmeric paste was applied, blessing the couple amidst laughter and music. The venue bloomed with golden hues, echoing the radiant love shared by Gautam and Arushi. As hands adorned with turmeric gently caressed, the couple glowed with anticipation, surrounded by the embrace of family and friends. Lalit Nayyar’s meticulous design and the resort’s ambiance created a sun-kissed memory, marking the beginning of their journey into matrimonial bliss.

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