Karan and Meenal


Karan and Meenal's haldi ceremony at the luxurious Nirvana Resort was a spectacle of vibrant elegance. Meenal, the radiant bride, dreamt of a haldi ceremony immersed in shades of pink, creating a stunning ombré effect that mirrored her blush of happiness. The resort's picturesque pool area was transformed into a mesmerising canvas of pinks, from soft pastels to deep magentas, seamlessly blending in a breathtaking gradient. As guests gathered poolside, they marvelled at the floating hashtag symbolising their love, subtly positioned in the shimmering pool waters. The ceremony was a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary flair, a celebration of love, laughter, and the promise of a beautiful journey together.

Haldi Ceremony



Experience the Pink Haldi ceremony captured by Winson.